Tips On Understanding How Wants Of Women Vary

Are you indulging in a escort session with an escort for the first time? We have to admit that there cannot be any other way of getting rid of virginity and entering into the world of manhood in the most experienced manner other than a steaming session with the Private Girls of your local brothel. But you have to know it simultaneously what makes a man different from a woman, and how the sexual tastes of men and women are different. Here is a concise guideline that you can follow. Hence, start reading without wasting any further time.

Men’s sex organs are in the sensitive parts while that of women are in their brains

If you study the sexual preferences of men and women, you will find that men prefer plunging into that hardcore penetrating act much faster than women. Actually, you need to spend considerable time on making your woman heated up before she starts responding. This is because their brain needs to be sexually stimulated by means of fore play and caresses. The same trick is applicable for a regular girl as well as an escort. If you do not want your girl from Florence, Munich or Melbourne Escorts to fake then you have to give some pre-sex heating up time to her. But believe us; once she gets heated up you will have a mind blowing sex session.

Men prefer switching frequently, while women love sticking on

You might be too enthusiastic about switching between sex positions and location of having sex while making love to your girl, but your female partner might not. To be more specific, women love sexual experimentations like their male partners. But they hate it when you switch too frequently without giving her much opportunity to enjoy sex because they wish to take the taste of every move that is performed during those erotic hours. Therefore, refrain from such frequent switching over if you wish her to be your sex slave.

Men love very fast pumps, while women hate it

Since men get heated up very faster, they like that very fast pumping action so that ejaculation is faster. As a result, men get cooled down much faster as compared to their women. Unfortunately, women hate it when their men cools down and becomes sexually inactive very fast. This phenomenon is hated by escorts even more because they sleep with lots of men in their lifetime. Therefore, you have to be very calculative when you hook up with escorts. Hold back the final moves that you have reserved for the climax and concentrate more on pre-sex session. Your intension should be to make your girl squirt and achieve orgasm by the time when you indulge in that final act.

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