Top 4 reasons to experience a dual massage once at least

Massage is a very generic term that encompasses several variations with respect to area of body covered, nature of massage and its primary health benefit. A very unconventional form of health massage is one that involves two instead of one pair of hands that spread through the entirety of the body to diminish stress levels and promote a sense of wellbeing. Here we enlighten you on the top four reasons why each and everyone should experience a full-bodied dual massage whenever possible:

* Two pair of hands double the pleasure offered one pair of hands: Although a single massage therapy poses countless benefits to the individual, a dual massage is always more fulfilling and comforting. When two pairs of talented and expert hands meander through the body, delving in the pressure points and rubbing in sore areas at a consistent rhythm, the receiver feels immense pleasure, one that cannot be described in words. A dual massage allows a person to surrender completely to a moment of infinite wellness and harmony that seems to last for eternity.

* Both brain areas are stimulated simultaneously: A dual massage is played out in a very synchronized fashion, much like the ebb and flow cycle of tides. Four hands dive into the body indentations and bumps very gradually to create a sense of harmony. This itself acts to ease the soul and elevate certain areas of the brain associated with reward, pleasure and higher awareness. By providing stress and negative emotions with an outlet, a dual massage unclutters the mind and provides room for life-changing ideas to thrive.

* Provides the gift of humane understanding: Four hands care better than two hands even in the emotional sense. With four hands working to de-stress you and elevate your moods, you invariably feel more comforted, soothed and empowered. This acts like a charm to instill a go-getter attitude in individuals battling rejection or inferiority issues. A dual massage has the power to eliminate any pent-up negative emotions and create a wholesome wave of pure energy that penetrates your being and upheavals your thought processes. It is thus the best way to get back into form.

* A recommended treatment for ailments: Even doctors recommend dual massages as they come with palliative benefits for diseases that lack a permanent cure. Chronic illness like arthritis and diabetes often debilitate the quality of life, leaving you extra stressed than others. Dual massages, when opted for once in a while, do wonders to provide relaxation and allow people to lead a better life.

With the flux of massage parlors and online agencies, it is not a difficult task to hire reliable and trained masseuses. Their rates are often competitive and open to negotiation. A four hand massage is one of the best ways to do away with the miseries of life and experience a novel form of pampering yourself. If you are located in UK or planning to visit their then do look for some of the best massage parlors for an amazing massage experience of your life.

Four-handed massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others’ movements. One therapist takes the lead and the other follows. It should feel like they’re doing the same thing simultaneously.