Unique Groomsmen Gifts to Think About

Who else would help and escort the bride’s maid of honor, run errands for the bridegroom, and be “the man’s” best friend in his wedding? It’s the groomsman. There are many reasons why groomsmen gifts are carefully picked, beautifully packed, though not necessarily expensive. Surprises may not be men’s cup of tea, but no man would say no to little sweet groomsmen gifts after he sweat it out in the altar. One good thing about men is that they’re really not that picky with stuff, but it pays to play around with your imagination in choosing groomsmen gifts for the bridegroom’s right hand man. Groomsmen gifts don’t have to come in boxes; they can be in any form you want.

We’re saying they can be a trip for two to a nearby resort getaway or a football championship game ticket. Hint: You can come along and claim your company as some sort of extra (especially true when you’re a single female, of course). If Mr. Right Hand Man is into classical orchestra music or theater plays, then a ticket for a famous violist’s concert is the right fit. We cast these groomsmen gifts under category “experience,” which is another helpful hint in choosing: “Get to know him and figure out the best groomsmen gifts to give.”

These groomsmen gifts can go in cheaper packages too: cheaper but rare, well-crafted, and more romantic (works when his single). A song or a poem written by the newlyweds may be a good surprise; it costs only your creativity and time. What’s important is the way it’s presented. The couple may invite him over on a weekend after their honeymoon night for a nightcap; that’s where they read him the poem or if you insist of packages, you can have it scribbled and mounted on a stylish frame for his study. Another alternative to what can be high-priced, low-value groomsmen gifts is the all-time favorite: a “beautiful woman” or women if it pleases him. Most of these groomsmen are lonely souls; the older he is, the truer this becomes. A friendly pair-up with somebody nice is not a bad option and it’s cost efficient; the best things in life are free, they say.

A good barter trade instead of the usual groomsmen gifts may also spell out a difference in the newlyweds’ relationship with their groomsman. The requirements? A mutually exclusive pact and commitment, which may prove a struggle for men; but hey, it’s free. The mechanics of the trade are after saying yes to the groomsman role, the newlyweds should play the part of witnesses for the groomsman’s forthcoming wedding. Of course, there can be different elements involved instead. Yet set your limits to the trade; it should not involve material collaterals like your house or car. For very rare cases where the groomsman played a major role (maybe life and death matter) in the bridegroom’s life, family treasures handed down from generations will make memorable groomsmen gifts: a four-decade-old grandfather’s watch, a family photo album from the great-great-grannies to the present. Whatever makes the groomsman tick and suits his relationship with the newlyweds right, they make great groomsmen gifts.