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A man wakes up in the middle of a forest all bared and covered in goo like substance as he tries to understand the stranger world around him. Who is he? An alien or a result of a scientific experiment. Nobody really knows.

All the things around him leave him quiet confused and only many unsolved question lay ahead for him. Like who is he where is he from and what is he for? Suddenly he hears voices from a nearby tent and goes up to them and ends up disturbing a young couple who were being intimate. As the scream and him and drive him off, he moves to the city where everyone are astonished seeing him nude. A police man Lou Trager takes him to a detention centre. Nicole brings him back taking a special interest on him thinking he might be a special child.

It’s amazing how in spite of being an abnormal human figure he adjusts so well into the family that he eventually becomes a part of it with just one major difference-Exceptional intelligence.

The family’s attachment on Kyle( as he is called by his human family) increases which is clearly seen by the fact that they try to protect him from outside world fearing that he might be used by others due to his supernatural powers or can be taken captive by the government for research as he is an alien. Later as the story moves Kyle gets to know about the humans and their lifestyle at great pace.

Their attachment is evident from the fact that the family no longer wants anybody to know about Kyle(a name given to him by his supposed mother Nicole) because there are possibilities of him being exploited by others because of his supernatural powers or sent under government’s authority for scientific research. Slowly but steadily his character begins to gain momentum with the episodes as he understands the human way of living life.

At the end of season one, it is being shown how an absolute stranger completely contradicting to a human appearance is introduced to the trager’s family and how he is being taken in as a adored family member who stays as a great support for the family all the time which in return is there for him always. Spicing up the story, season two brings in a lot of twists and turns in the family which makes the show all the more exhilarating to the audience.

This is definitely an electrifying sequence of amazing events with fast paced action, sentiments and much more. This is the story of an abnormally appearing stranger who goes through a lot of traumas and knows about human way of life. The first season purely deals with Kyle finding an escort and establishing a space for him among the humans. The second season brings in a female counterpart for Kyle and how this female clone goes about searching for her pair who is none other than Kyle forms the rest of the story which is shown in an engaging sequence of events. An absorbing story about two aliens with supernatural powers. See where their destiny is headed!

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