What Do Guys Look For In Girls?

You have just seen him and are madly in love with him. Deep within you your heart tells that he is just the guy you were looking for and you just cannot avoid looking at him whenever you meet him. Though you have seen him a couple of times, you lack the courage to go and express your feelings to him.

You are afraid whether he too likes you or not. Though no rules are rigid as far as the chemistry of boys and girls are concerned, there are certain points that will help you to determine whether he likes you too or not. After all what do guys look for in girls?

The misconception:

There are quite a number of girls who do not want to approach a guy whom they have liked. They are afraid to approach him and this fear is due to the girls concern about her looks. They feel that they are not pretty enough for him.

This is a misconception and the better you remove such thoughts from your mind, the better. Boys do not care so much about the attractiveness of a girl that they do for her attitude. They are looking for girls whom they can proudly dhow to their families.

Never ever show your desire for him. This will turn him off real quick for boys like girls who catch their eyes due to their personality.

Fashionable & Dumb:

These types of girls are the worst off. No doubt they will receive hints from quite a number of guys. It goes without saying that these boys will shower these types of girls with gifts and they are doing so, because they are more interested in being physical with her and then dumping her at the first opportunity.

Stay well dressed and be smart, but up to a certain point. There is a huge difference between a smart and a fashionable girl. Many guys just hate fashionable girls and would rather prefer to date a girl who is simple and at the same time, intelligent. These sorts of persons also do not like being made fun of behind their back, so be very careful and do try to play smart.

About height, girth & vices:

While guys do not mind a tall girl, they dislike girls who are too plump. So it is the right time to shed some of the extra flab. Just ask yourself if you would like to date a fat guy and you will understand what I am implying.

While an occasional drink at a bar might be okay, guys tend to stay aloof from girls who drink and smoke as a habit. Kissing a girl who smokes a lot is akin to kissing an ashtray. Do not be afraid to call him up at his home. He will like your honesty and sincerity. If you cannot cook properly do not hesitate to state the same to him.

He will love you all the more for your honesty. The points boys look out for in girls are honesty, maturity, sincerity and those who can offer them a shoulder to cry on. Yes! Boys do cry as well.

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