What Kind Of Lingerie Should Your Preteen Be Allowed To Wear?

This is a hot and touchy subject and I have to tell you first off that I am glad that I only have a son and not a daughter. If I had a daughter there is no way on earth I would let her out of the house wearing some of the stuff I see on young girls at the movies. We just came back from going to see the movie, “The Lake House”, which was great by the way.
See, I’m not a total jerk; I can appreciate a good movie even if it is a chick flick.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I have discussed this situation with friends of mine and they all have differing opinions, though not surprisingly it is usually the mom who sides with the twelve year old daughter who has decided she wants to wear thongs.
It is bad enough when they allow them to wear half tops and shorts so small that their rears are hanging out of them. My question is why on earth does a twelve year old need to wear a thong? She isn’t supposed to be looking sexy for anybody; she’s twelve for crying out loud!

I am not alone, I know many dads who share my opinion and my concern that we are teaching young girls in our society today to dress like hookers and be promiscuous. And you can’t tell me that they aren’t. Our society has gotten to the point now that there are manufacturers now specializing in producing lingerie for pre-teens!

While it remains for the most part a personal decision made by the girl’s parents, there are many areas that have deemed it against school dress code policy for girls to wear thongs and have sent them home because they are wearing them under short skirts. This is reason enough not to allow them. Girls at this age don’t think about the fact that when they bend over in a short skirt and a thong they are showing the world their backside.

Now, when it comes to bras that is another story altogether. I think a lot of times parents delay the process of buying a girl her first bra too long. When a girl’s breasts began to form they need to be wearing a bra, end of story. It is also natural for them to want to feel a little sexy but you have to draw the line and not let it get out of hand.

You should do all you can to prevent your daughter from dressing overly sexy at this tender age. There are all kinds of perverts out there these days, not to mention what they are doing to the teenage boys who are full of raging testosterone!

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