What to Expect from New Jersey Home Care

When home care services are needed NJ residents will find that a professional home care agency will provide case management, emotional support and caregivers to give your loved ones all the assistance needed so they can remain in the home and living independently.

The first time you contact a New Jersey home care agency a case manager will be assigned to help with a plan of care that meets your doctor’s requirements and your ongoing needs. The benefit of using a professional agency is that caregivers will be constantly monitored and supervised to ensure that quality of service is being offered. Additionally home care NJ agencies will have the resources necessary to provide needed referrals and offer support to the entire family. Firms are required to be licensed, bonded and insured so families can expect monitoring of the professional staff assigned to the home.

There are essentially two types of home care NJ families can expect from a New Jersey home care agency – home health aide and companionship

Home Health Aide

New Jersey home care agencies provide certified home health aides that are trained to help with elderly, sick or injured patients. These certifications are provided by the New Jersey Board of Nursing so that clients will know the aides sent to their home are properly trained to assist with the personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding and transferring of patients. Home Care NJ aides also help to monitor vitals and remind about medications. Home health aides can be used part or full time as well as on an hourly or live in basis.


Another service offered by New Jersey home care providers is caregivers or companions, whose sole purpose is to provide friendship and conversation as well as help with daily tasks. Companions help with housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, appointment setting and escort services. Additionally family members that need respite care after long hours and days of providing routine care to a loved one can utilize companion care givers from home care NJ providers for respite to give them a much needed break.

New Jersey home care services provide more than just medical aid and household help. The mission of home care NJ providers is to offer emotional support not only to the patient but also to the family as well. With families and New Jersey home care working together as a team, everyone can help the loved one get through the trying physical issues and live a quality life within the comfort of their own home.

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