Where Celebrities are going for their Baby Blankets and Designer Baby Clothes

We see the famous all around us, but mostly in a glamorized version portrayed by Hollywood movies. But it is true that the rich and famous still are just normal people. There is a special curiosity though about knowing the little details of the celebrities lives. Where do they shop, what do they wear, what are their favorite places to go? Perhaps some insight on a few major Hollywood Celebrities as to where they buy some Designer Baby Clothes or Baby Blankets was seen recently.

It seems that many of the celebrities though choose online shopping to simply avoid the craziness of the paparazzi. This is understandable when you see some of the frenzied environment that is created at times by these crazy cameras everywhere. Downtown LA is an ever popular place to find some of the celebs that dare to go out in the city. But there is understanding in why they choose to not always shop outdoors.

Many famous celebrities including Liv Tyler, Gena Lee, Tori Spelling, Gwen Stefani, Hillary Duff, and Britney Spears to name a few, have been photographed using blankets from a man named Serge Soussan. Mr. Soussan has a child that has a skin condition which was the catalyst for creating a baby friendly blanket. After coming up with these special baby blankets, he decided to share his idea to help local children. The first baby blanket was a security blanket which made its first appearance at the Cedars Sinai Location Center in Los Angeles, before finding its way to neighboring hospitals and retail establishments. Clearly there are thousands of places for the Celebrities to shop online. However, this is such a unique product it is understandable that so many have been seen using this product.

Do you remember when Britney Spears was told to show up at the court house for a court case? It was almost scary to see how many cameras and news people from the entire world basically attacked her to just get a simple picture of her or the car she was in. Helicopters, news, police, paparazzi created a frenzy that was amazing to watch unfold. That was just getting to the courthouse. Then we were able to watch her leave after hours of anticipation of wondering which door they would escort her out of.

Now I understand why people are shopping online, and where some of the celebrities are shopping at too. Of course there is also the convenience of not having to waste your time going out. It is easy to just sit at the computer and shop on the internet. I guess after all, we have more in common with the celebs than maybe we think.

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