Why is Acne Such a Prevalent Skin Disease

Acne is a skin disorder of adolescents and young people are known and are generally characterized by oily skin and the presence of pimples on your face. It is actually the most common type of skin disease and is widely used in demographic trends.


* There are some principles or facts you need to know about this skin condition.

* Acne, which is also acne vulgarize, excessive secretion of sebum oil into the skin or cause.

* The oil produced by sebaceous glands present in the depths of the hair follicles of the skin.

* The construction of the pocket of oil leads to the typical cause’s pimples or nodules on the face. These anomalies can be classified into five categories.

* Corks Comedones on the skin in developing parts of oil resources.

* There are rare cases of neonatal acne, but the disease usually appears in puberty and adolescence.

* In fact, the fall of 85 per cent of cases in this age group and cause of much discontent among the young.

* On the edge of sets before this, the effect is so special about girls, though maintained throughout the life once again, women often suffer. During adolescence, the most severe cases tend to have kids.

* Error signals are usually the face, but in some cases may be the neck, chest and back, and dissemination.

* Little is known about the cause of acne, although, as already mentioned, is the direct result of excess oil production in the skin.

* This is evidenced by the presence of elevated levels of testosterone or male hormones in the body, which explains that the causes in prison during adolescence.

* This is a stage where too many hormonal changes as the child grows and causes an imbalance in androgens, the skin to break out again. Acne usually lasts about five years, but often lasts longer.

* Here is another edge basic fact gathering, plucking, poking acne pimples and pustules deteriorate significantly.

* Widely burst causing the problem of skin infection, further compounding the problem. In addition, some drugs may cause or aggravate the skin condition, including some steroids.


* Comedones left the white head and black sites, if there is a buildup of fat and dead skin cells and keratin flakes or resources.

* The opening also leads to expanded resources.

* The next step, since the increase of papules or pustules, which occur when the bacteria multiply and cause infection resources.

* The blows to pieces then deep into the skin and has been swollen and painful.

* SAC sufficient finally, cysts, or sores are great-like structures that develop in hair follicles and is very painful, even with the slightest touch.

Papules – The papule is a small, solid regularly inflammatory distance from the ground of the skin that does not contain pus. Actual small papules can moreover come out in clusters, due to the tissue’s answer to acne.

Pustules – Pustules are small tender elevations of the skin with the purpose of are crammed with pus. The pus is a number sequence of bacteria, fair blood cells and dead skin cells. Pustules are habitually formed around sebaceous follicles and hair.

Maculae – A macula is a red place on the skin absent last by an a skin condition lesion. Maculae are flat, red and view out against the surrounding skin. A group of maculae gives the air an tender aspect.

Nodules – The bump is a sound lesion, one of the nearly everyone sore lesions caused by acne. Nodules tend to pull out into the deeper layers of the skin and are known to escort to tissue destruction. They can be very painful to subtract and result in scars behind. Nodular spots are a severe develops of spots that are treated solitary among isotretinonin.

Cysts – Cysts are lesions shaped similar to capsules and have liquid or semi-liquid pus akin to with the intention of set up in pustules. However, cysts are bigger than pustules and can be infected. Cysts are plus extending deeper interested in the skin and leaves wound hankie behind. Nodulocystic spots are probably the most awful typography of acne known to man. It is anti to care and responds only to isotretinoin, the substance obtained commencing Vitamin A.

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