Why The Blitzkrieg Of WW2 Would Have Failed Without The German Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber

During the interwar periods, the Germans employ the use of the Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber heavily. The term “Blitzkrieg” is used to refer to a specific military strategy that the Germans employ, which is to use speed and power to obtain a decisive victory. There is much debate over the originality of this military strategy. Eventually, historians agree that the method is not a new one. It is an old method that is employed with new technology.

During WW2, heavily armored vehicle technology was maturing quickly. Tanks and planes often help in achieving swift victories. The Ju 87 dive bomber gained recognition because of its ability to execute ground attacks. It was feared by many and can be easily recognized due to its inverted gull wing design.

As a ground attack plane, the craft was highly effective. The new design helped the pilot to execute dives quickly and effectively. The plane was able to recover from the dive due to automatic pull-up brakes that were installed underneath both wings. Its greatest strength was its accuracy. In fact, the Ju 87 remained as one of the most accurate ground attack plane throughout the entire WW2. Even though it had some weaknesses, it was used up to the last days of the war.

The plane was mostly used for precision ground attacks. Its sturdiness and stable speed made the plane ideal for attacking slow ground targets such as assault boats and Panzer tanks.

However, its greatest strength also became its greatest weakness. These weaknesses were exposed in the sky. Modern fighter planes could easily take this plane out as they could out maneuver and outrun the Ju 87. As a result, the Ju 87 rarely proceed on missions without fighter escorts. Without the escorts, the Ju 87 could be easily taken out.

Although the plane was sturdy and reliable, it had poor maneuverability when in the air. In addition, the speed was slow when compared to modern fighter planes. Any enemy fighter craft could have intercepted the planes and cause the attacks to fail.

But due to its ground accuracy, the Ju 87 planes continued to carry out Blitzkrieg missions. One can only imagine the fear that those on the ground feel when they hear the loud siren of the Ju 87 planes. The planes made no attempt to conceal themselves. The Germans knew what the planes were capable of.

Blitzkrieg missions meant that the attacks were carried out with force, speed and precision. Without the awesome fire power of the Ju 87, such attacks would be hard to carry out.

Today, these planes belong to the past. They only exist in stories and museums that are related to WW2. Those who are interested in history can still recapture the awesome power of the Ju 87 planes by purchasing items such as T-shirts.

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