Why Would Parents Be Willing to Invest In High Quality Dresses for Girls 7 16?

Clothing is a necessary expense for girls. There are a variety of different qualities available, from low-end discount to high-end formal and designer childrens partywear. Because girls grow quickly, an outfit can only be worn anywhere between a few months to about a year before it will need to be replaced. Children can also be hard on their clothes, because they generally are more active than adults. Parents also tend to choose clothing items that are machine-washable, and therefore easier to clean. With all these considerations in mind, is there ever an appropriate time to purchase a higher quality designer girls dresses? And is there a way to justify the additional cost?

The answer to both questions is YES, absolutely! While it is true that most young girls will not wear designer girls dresses on an everyday basis, there are definitely occasions for which it is necessary to invest in high quality dresses for girls 7 16. Formal birthday parties, school dances, weddings, holiday parties, anniversary parties, bat mitzvahs, and quinceaneras are all occasions that call for more formal wear. When you also include occasional evenings of fine dining and visits to the theater or ballet, it becomes readily apparent that little girls actually have many occasions to wear formal party dresses. Adding one or more formal dresses to your daughter’s closet just makes sense.

## But My Daughter Likes to Run and Play…Won’t She Destroy The Dress?

There is a change in how a girl behaves when she puts on formal partywear. They carry themselves a little more slowly, and are less likely to behave roughly when wearing a pretty dress. Many young girls become more conscious of their movement, and tend to be more mindful in their motions because they really want to keep their party dress beautiful. However, for those who have concerns about how your little girl will behave, talk to her about your expectations before the event. Say to her what a special day this is and how fortunate she is to put on such a beautiful dress. You may want to also include her on the decision when it comes to choosing the dress. If she’s excited about wearing the dress, she’ll be more prone to treat it with special care.

## My Little Girl Grows So Quickly! Won’t She Outgrow the Dress Before She Can Wear It Again?

Little girls can experience growth spurts at any time while they’re young, sometimes it may look as if they are growing right in front of your eyes. That dress you bought six months ago suddenly no longer fits. If your daughter appears to be growing quickly, consider purchasing a dress a size or two larger, and then having it taken in or hemmed by a professional tailor. This will lengthen the life of the dress and give her a chance to enjoy it for 2 or 3 years instead of just once or twice.

## How About Keeping The Dress Clean?

Most quality formal dresses do require professional cleaning, but you’ve never used a cleaning service you might be surprised at just how reasonably priced they really are. Generally it costs only a few dollars to professionally clean a single piece of clothing. To reduce that price even further, coupons for dry cleaning providers are commonly available in most major cities. Try to find them in mailing circulars, in your local paper, or in regional coupon books. Dry cleaners also take excellent care to clean the item in a way that does not wear out the fabric. Because of this, dry-cleaned items often last longer than machine washed items.

## I’m Worried About The Design Of The Dress. Won’t Today’s Trends Look Dated In A Few Years?

Like adult clothing, there are certain styles for kids that are always in fashion. If you want her dress to last for a few years, go for a classic style. Girls always look attractive in dresses with flared skirts and ribbon sashes. Darker tones like navy and burgundy are almost always appropriate for winter and pastel colors are perennial favorites for spring and summer. And just like their adult counterparts, when it comes to dresses for girls 7 16 you can never go wrong with a little black dress!

## I have Never Shopped For An Upscale Dress For My Little Girl Before. Where Do I Go?

When an elegant occasion comes up, many parents will simply head to the mall with their little girls and pluck something off the rack at the store. The problem is, many parents also have this same plan, and the odds are good that another little girl will be wearing the same dress. If you’d like your little girl’s dress to be unique among her peers, a much better alternative is to buy the dress online or at a finer department store like Nieman Marcus. You will see a dress that is fashionable yet unique, and your daughter will feel like the princess that she genuinely is.

Just like buying adult formalwear, purchasing children’s partywear is an investment. You need to take time to choose a piece that the two of you are happy about. Keep in mind that this one dress could cost more than a typical article of clothing, but in the long run your little girl can in fact find many occasions to put on her fancy dress. With careful care, one piece of childrens partywear can last for a few years of use.

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