Why You Should Never Quit Muscle Building?

When we finally decide and start going to the gym, we are all full of hope, inspiration and energy. This enthusiasm is key factor for the fast advancement towards our goals and it’s crucial to know the ways how we can maintain and increase it. Enthusiasm is that drive which gives us power and force to go over all the obstacles and go on. If you desire to witness fast muscle gains (and fat loss) there is nothing more dangerous than loosing that energetic drive of enthusiasm.

However, hundreds and thousands of people simply stop, they just give up on their plans to get in shape and build nicer and healthier bodies. Why?

I’ll explain here reason I consider most common and I’ll understand if you are shocked (or even angry) at first but if you continue reading you will be more than benefited and happy. So here it is: – many people stop gong to gym because they read and believe in Bodybuilding Magazines!

Inaccuracies and Fallacies.

I’ve been reading bodybuilding magazines for about 16 years. Anyone else that has read them for that long will probably agree that although the pictures and the paper upon which these magazines are printed have become better quality, the content has essentially stayed the same. Why?

Muscle magazines are not designed to educate. Their one sole purpose is to provide a medium in which marketers can sell supplements. Muscle magazines have always been nothing more than a monthly supplement brochure (that you pay top dollar for). However, todays magazines run advertisements that sell anything from penis and breast enlargers to anabolic steroids! Almost every one of the major bodybuilding publications are owned by supplement companies. The magazine that is not, blatantly prostitutes its editorial space to any company that buys the most advertising space!

Therefore, the editorial content of these magazines becomes rather unreliable and distorted. Bodybuilding magazines do not “fact check” their content before (or after) publishing. Many of the articles are written by freelance journalists or staff writers (on behalf of illiterate bodybuilders) that have a very limited ability to make accurate interpretations of the scientific literature.

For these reasons, inaccuracies and fallacies about bodybuilding training techniques and supplements are perpetuated, repeatedly until they become gym-gospel. Need some examples? How about “high rep training is the way to provide cuts and definition to your physique” or “side crunches will tighten the waist and obloquies” or the classic, “low intensity cardio is the best way to burn body fat”. Where do you think all these bogus ideas came from?

This is actually simple point to understand. People are misguided and therefore they don’t get desired results. In same time they do see all the pictures and all promises they read about ate becoming more and more distant with the time. In first few months our muscles are very responsive to the resistance training therefore people do get results with following even most crazy routines and exercise programs. Problem starts showing up usually after 3-5 months when plateau borders are hit.


Whatever I say you will anyway decide what you think is the best for you. That is exactly what I want you to do and I hope this information is more than enough to make you think. “Follow the money trace” is good advice to follow, think over it. Magazines – supplements industry is huge machinery which needs to have all possible ways for recruiting “fresh blood” in order to keep running.

I assure you that without complete and proved muscle building routine you can not achieve any significant changes of your body shape and form, especially after you reach your muscle plateau levels. There are examples of people who although having magazines as their main guideline go on, continue with some weight lifting routine and they seems to achieve results. I had chances to see quite few of those in last 16 years and ALL of them prove to be juice users sooner or later. I would be very surprised to meet such magazine freak and learn that he/she is not using steroids.

Sasha James
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