Yoga postures that are great sex poses too

Are you a yoga freak? Can you not think of a single day without doing yoga? If you have the similar intensity of sexual appetite in you and wish to have unique sex experiences everyday then there is a great idea for you. Just combine some of the popular yoga postures with that of your conjugal postures, and watch how exciting the hardcore session becomes. We are sure your inquisitiveness is killing you now. Start reading ahead then without wasting any further time.

1. Posture One: The Chair Pose

You must have been informed by a yoga expert that the chair pose is great way of strengthening your limbs and pelvic region. Nevertheless, we are sanguine that he has not informed you that you have better control of your genitals and can position it as and how you want when you combine sex and chair pose together. However, while doing sex you will need a chair for this so that you can sit on it instead of enacting as if you are seated on a chair. Another additional thing that you will need is your girlfriend or a call girl from London or Brisbane Escorts agency who will sit on your erected tool during the pose.

2. Posture Two: The Cobra Pose

If you have been practicing yoga for a long time, you must have adequate idea about the Cobra pose. You must also be aware of the fact that the Cobra Pose helps in strengthening the waist and firming the stomach by making it flat. Now, just put compare information with that of sexual extravaganza. What you will get is that the Cobra Pose helps in supporting your waist and easing aches in the waist that has resulted due to regular performance of the missionary posture. It invigorates the body again for a second round of missionary pose. The alteration of sex based yoga with that of regular Cobra Pose will be that your body will rest over your regular sex buddy or a ravishing woman whom you have contacted through the top Asia, European or Australian Escorts agencies.

3. Posture Three: The Squat Pose

The pelvic joints work most strenuously when you indulge in a sexual extravaganza with your sex partner. We are sure that you will agree with us on the fact that nothing can be more welcoming than a yoga posture that not only exercises and strengthens your pelvic region, but also makes the pelvic joints healthy. Yes, it is possible when you perform the Squat Pose regularly. It will be a further addition when you combine this yoga posture with that of your conjugal moves while hooking your sex buddy. You will be amazed to know that the resultant of this will be more sensuous and stimulated sex glands!

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